Die industrielle Stadt

Die industrielle Stadt. Lokale Repräsentationen von Industriekultur im urbanen Raum seit dem ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert
Kolloquium des Instituts für Sächsische Geschichte und Volkskunde e. V. in Kooperation mit dem Sächsischen Staatsarchiv – Staatsarchiv Chemnitz, 15.-16. Juni 2017, Staatsarchiv Chemnitz  Weiterlesen

European Cities in Dynamic Competition, Leipzig, 6.-7. Juli 2016

European Cities in Dynamic Competition – Urban Governance, Cooperation, Competitiveness and Sustainability

Today, more than two thirds of citizens of Europe are city dwellers, and the tendency is increasing. The quality of urban life and technical infrastructure are considered to be crucial to attracting and retaining a skilled labor force and businesses. The social and economic concentration of resources in cities may, however, result in negative side-effects like pollution or congestion. Weiterlesen