European Cities in Dynamic Competition, Leipzig, 6.-7. Juli 2016

European Cities in Dynamic Competition – Urban Governance, Cooperation, Competitiveness and Sustainability

Today, more than two thirds of citizens of Europe are city dwellers, and the tendency is increasing. The quality of urban life and technical infrastructure are considered to be crucial to attracting and retaining a skilled labor force and businesses. The social and economic concentration of resources in cities may, however, result in negative side-effects like pollution or congestion. Hence cities are both the source of and solution to economic, environmental and social challenges. Cities in an aging Europe will also need to assert themselves amid increasing digitization and global competition. Managing urban complexity to create sustainable cities will thus be one of the most challenging tasks for European cities in the 21st century.

The Center for Advanced Studies in Management (CASiM) will organize a two-day conference devoted to innovative urban and city management in Leipzig, kindly sponsored by Stiftung Mercator. A special focus will be placed on governance, sustainability and the reinvention of European cities and regions. With representatives from academia, research and practice in attendance, the challenges of urban and city management will be presented and innovative approaches and strategies for coping with them will be discussed.

We are looking forward to sharing an exciting conference with you >>