Summerschool „CityLAB III: The Productive City“, University Antwerpen, 31.8.-4.9.2015

The Antwerp Urban Studies Institute will be hosting its third summer school: CityLAB III: The Productive City from 31 August to 4 September 2015. This one-week intensive course aims to discuss the productive role of cities from an interdisciplinary perspective. We set out to analyze how and why urban material production disappeared and what the consequences are. Subsequently, we will examine and discuss if material production should keep its place in the city. Inevitably, new forms of sustainable production as urban food production, urban small industrial production, and urban craftsmanship will be addressed. In addition, we will examine and discuss new ideas about the relationship between working and living and modes of transport, and related concepts and practices of urban planning. You can find the full programme here: 20150831-Programma Productive city

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